This page has two objectives.

  1. To help Network marketers and other home base business owners to grow their business bigger, better and stronger.
  2. Share my own journey while learning to use Attraction Marketing, Social media instead of old-school methods likes making a list and calling family and friends.

Old-School Methods

Making a list 100 names, calling everybody. Going to malls and talk to people who are willing to stop. Putting flyers in every mailbox and on every car. And so on.

You are free to try those methods…

Next, my upline wants me to do 3-way calls. Yikes! I told him, I don’t have friends to call for my new business anymore. He told me, to go out and make new friends which will take 4-6 months.

Do I want to wait that long?

Attraction Marketing

My intention was to use webinars but how to get the right people to watch it?

While I was pondering about this issue, I saw an ad about Attraction Marketing. I remember reading a page that spoke to me. It was like I was reading my own story of trying to do what I was told to build my business and never ended up anywhere, only totally frustrated and even ended up with a phone phobia.

At the end, I bought the Ebook. It was only $27. What I didn’t know or realize, this buy also got me inside this membership site with mentorship, community and lots of training. And a 10-day free boot camp!


At the end, we need traffic.

To our landing pages.

To our blogs.

To our Facebook pages.

To our webinars.

While I was a member of Empower Network I had learned a lot but being with Elite Marketing Pro now, it’s… well… a lot what I read and hear and see looks familiar and then I realize I know that stuff but I never really understood it. It feels like I start understanding. Let’s go on this journey together.

To our success!





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